Project Description

Avakhazar villa complex is located by the Caspian coast.

An existing master plan had already been made when we have been asked by our client to prepare another alternative. We realized that the Existing Masterplan, could be improved with regards to land use and circulation systems.

Cons of the existing masterplan:

Urban form

With respect to the existing masterplan:
1. The urban form lacks
structure and variety
2. Unnecessary wide roads

Open Space
1. Public open spaces are
poorly located along the middle
or along the edges of the road
resulting in limited accessibility
from within the community
2. There is no structure or
linkages within the structure of
the public open space
3.Green spaces only serve
limited recreational or leisure
functions due to their small size
and inaccessibility


Original masterplanBMDS masterplan
Architecture Firm: BMDesign Studios, Babak Mostofi Sadri
Office Website:
Built Area: 3.2 Hectares
Project Location: Mazandaran
Type: Residential
Client: Abadsazan
Lead Designer: Babak Mostofi Sadri
Design Team: Nazanin Esfahanian, Marzieh Rezazadeh, 
Mehraveh Shams
Civil Engineer: Mohamadreza Meschi

Old and New Masterplan  comparison:

Look how we kept and developed  the old urban grid -the city’s registered municipality plan- as linear parks in the shape of a cross that will provide a connected public domain for the 3 hectare Villa Complex. This historical layer makes a strong central green space that connects all parts of the development to each other and the riverside.