This article sets out to explain how towns with a strong ritual culture related to a utilitarian landscape appear to be less vulnerable in an earthquake. It later concludes that a development model, which emphasizes the development of rituals related to a utilitarian landscape, makes our historical towns and villages more resilient to catastrophic earthquakes and will help them to recover faster. Examples of towns with or without a ritual landscape will be discussed and compared according to the diversity of spirit of place as well as social and economic indicators.
Braun-publishing, a well-known international publishing house from Switzerland specialized in architecture and design is going to publish BMDesign’s ‘Concave Roof System’, in Ecological Buildings – New Strategies for Sustainable Architecture, which will present new and experimental approaches to sustainable architecture – one of the most exciting challenges for the designers today. This book is scheduled to be published in the spring of 2021
Concave Roofs Video is available now!