Alavi House

Architects / BMDesgin Studios

Client / Mr. and Mrs. Alavi

Location / Isfahan- Iran

Site Area / 5000 sqm

Year / 2016

Floor Area / 550 sqm

Status/ Under Construction

City of Isfahan is located at the foothills of the Zagros mountain range on the edge of the desert. It has an arid climate (Köppen BWk) with little rainfall around 110 mm per year and sunny days 6 times Europe. Isfahan remains hot during the summer with maximum typically around 35 °C (95 °F). However, with low humidity and moderate temperatures at night, the climate can be very pleasant. During the winter, days are mild while nights can be very cold. Winds blow from West and South West. Winds from South West blow the whole year while winds from West blow from March to May and August to October. With a roof tilted toward East, we can create effective zones of negative pressure at the climax of the roof helping to ventilate the building naturally through most of the year. Controllable vents, at the climax of the roof have a sucking effect, together with the large openings to the south of the building. Air filters by flowing through a broken line of evergreen trees (Cedrus deodara) and over a pool in the outdoors and then by passing over an indoor garden of Snake Plants (Sansevieria trifasciata) which is known to be a great air purifier (NASA Clean Air Study) and over a pond. Large glass facades to the south with insulated glazing, invite light and views of the Cherry orchard and mountains. Communal spaces in ground floor leads up to a hallway with a library and a small bar in the first floor. Two master bedrooms, both enjoying good views of the front landscape and the orchard open up to this space. The home is finished in concrete except for the double skin on the sloped roof which is finished in new invisible Tesla solar cells. Sloped roof will provide a large continuous surface for installing solar panels 30 cm above the roof, creating a double skin which can be opened or closed. In cold winter days the double skin roof opens itself to let the afternoon sun shines on the concrete roof and warms it up while during hot summer days it closes itself to provide shade over the concrete roof as well as to produce clean energy by its solar cells. Project Name ALAVI HOUSE Architect or Architecture Firm: BMDesign Studios, Babak Mostofi Sadri Office Contact Completion Year:Idea (approved by the client) Built Area:550 square meters Project Location:Isfahan , Iran Type:Residential Client: Mr. and Mrs. Alavi Architect in Charge: Babak Mostofi Sadri Interior Design: Dena Bakhtiari Design Team: Dena Bakhtiari, Nazanin Esfahanian, Marzieh Rezazadeh, Soha K. Poul Structural Engineer: Sina Rostami MANUFACTURERS / PRODUCTS :Tesla, FLOS, NSV